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THI has been providing leadership in the international response to COVID-19 by creating a Coronavirus Pandemic Working Group and a clearinghouse for vital COVID-19 information. Comprised of scientists, risk modelers, public health experts, doctors and other health professionals, THI’s rapid response team has been working non-stop on our nation’s most acute COVID-19 concerns. This team has consolidated the expertise of over a dozen public health and academic experts to provide leaders with evidence-based responses and models to prepare for boots-on-the-ground implementation.

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Visit True Health Initiative’s resource page to learn more about COVID-19 medical and public health issues. THI’s goal for #TotalHarmMinimization is to bring truth about the Coronavirus to the public. Click here to access THI’s Coronavirus Resources and Information page to learn more.


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News of the Day via Dr. Tom Rifai, Editor

THI Council Member Tom Rifai MD, FACP, covers News of the Day (NOTeD), debunking or authenticating health and nutrition news circulating around the internet.

From the THI President's Keypad

Pandemic Risks, Responses, & Responsibilities: A Tale of Four (bungled) Phases

AUTHOR: David L. Katz, MD, MPH

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Note: For those so inclined, I meander through this same, general content expanse in video commentary here.
I will start by laying my cards on the table. I think the prior administration here in the U.S. egregiously bungled pandemic management from the start because of ignorance and arrogance, a wanton disregard for the wellbeing of anyone other than themselves, and a general disdain for science.


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The Truth About Plant-Based Meats
5 Takeaways

Recommended Perspectives

Evidence-Supported News. Get the Facts Without the Hype

Defending FACTS, Fighting Falsehoods

There seems to be a new diet competing with an old diet in every news cycle. But scientists are not confused, confounded, or at war. We take a moment to talk about an underappreciated topic: methodology.

Modernize the Definition of Protein Quality

We call upon the Commissioner of the FDA and the US Secretary of Agriculture to commission a working group of the National Academy of Medicine to modernize the formal definition of protein quality to one that better serves both public, and planetary health.

Nearly all of us will fail at our annual round of New Year’s resolutions, which historically are led by eating better and losing weight. But the struggle for your health is not a battle between you and the scale, or you and the brownies.



Mark Bittman and David L. Katz, MD

How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered



Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification