Creating a World Free of Preventable Disease

A Global Consensus on Lifestyle as Medicine

Modernize the Definition of Protein Quality

We call upon the Commissioner of the FDA and the US Secretary of Agriculture to commission a working group of the National Academy of Medicine to modernize the formal definition of protein quality to one that better serves both public, and planetary health.


We’re inundated with talk of plant-based meat, so we’ve teamed up with the True Health Initiative to suss out what we know and, as important, what we don’t regarding how products from Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat influence animal welfare, the environment, and our health. Here are five takeaways from the talk:


You Are Invited to a Webinar on Plant-Based Meat


True Health Initiative Statement on Amazon Fires, Our Shared Planet and Human Health


Keto, Balance, and the Weight of the World

COUNCIL MEMBER PROJECT is a free to the public, directory of healthcare professionals that believe in the practice of food as medicine as a go to treatment option to prevent and reverse many chronic lifestyle diseases The directory has been developed as a service to healthcare practitioners who are committed to identifying and eradicating the cause of disease, through the targeted use of dietary and lifestyle intervention. It is also a service to the general public, as a directory that enables individuals to locate physicians, therapists, dietitians, health coaches, or other wellness professionals who have been trained in the power of preventive, nutritional medicine.

A PROJECT BY Scott Stoll and Susan Benigas


Washington Post

The stories in this book depict these issues as not simply about the food we eat but about the way it is grown. How a frozen dinner is produced and transported to the grocery store has implications not just for consumers’ health and nutrition but for the health of the planet. Despite a potential wealth of cynicism over the many vexing challenges, Little finds hope in a variety of efforts, such as engineers who are building robots that can weed crops and allow growers to reduce agricultural chemical use, and a smart water network pioneered in Israel that is able to dramatically cut waste.

THI MEMBER: Daniel Nierenberg




Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification


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