Tushar Mehta
Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. Tushar Mehta studied at McMaster University and then completed medical school and residency at the University of Toronto. Currently, he practices Emergency Medicine and has also spent many years practicing Family Medicine and Addictions Medicine. Dr. Mehta also participates in international health projects, having volunteered on a yearly basis in rural India, and is now doing work in Haiti (hephaiti.com).

Over the past five years, Dr. Mehta has taken a strong interest in the medical evidence regarding plant-based diet and health, as well as the comparative impact of plant versus animal based agriculture on environment and food security. He studies the academic literature regarding these subjects in order to develop a comprehensive understanding, and works to educate others on these important topics.

Along with a small team, Dr. Mehta founded Plant Based Data (plantbaseddata.org), an online database which collects and organizes the most important academic and institutional literature regarding the impact plant diet on health, environment and food security, including the role of animal agriculture in creating pandemics. This includes a section on economics and policy. The resource is free to access, and meant to assist others in their education, writing, advocacy and policy work.