THI Projects

The True Health Initiative is providing pertinent information in response COVID-19 threats and surrounding issues

The True Health Initiative, led by president David L. Katz, MD, MPH, is working nonstop to respond to COVID-19 threats and surrounding issues, to provide you with pertinent information and answer your questions.

Introducing the True Health Initiative Rapid Media Response Project

Rapid Media Response

True Health Initiative is your home base for accurate information, proving consensus over confusion, providing facts over fiction, and countering hyped-up headlines and biased bylines with evidence and common sense.

Modernizing Protein Quality

A new definition of quality protein

True Health Initiative is building a new ranking for proteins and insists on a new definition of quality protein that means quality food as well.

Introduction of a strength-of-evidence tool based on a methodological systematic review

Hierarchies of Evidence Applied to Lifestyle Medicine (HEALM)

A metric to measure the strength of evidence applied to lifestyle medicine. A systematic approach based on evidence threshold pathway mapping.
In partnership with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Council Member Projects

How Eating Plants Improves Health and Reduces Disease

In the past decade, 75% of Americans have changed their diet to be healthier. 86% of Americans who regularly eat plant-based protein don’t identify as vegetarian or vegan — What does a plant-based diet really mean?

Lifestyle Medicine Symposium

Why Lifestyle Medicine is the Missing Piece of our Healthcare Toolkit

In response to the escalating epidemic of chronic disease in our community, Kellyn Foundation ( will hold the inaugural Lifestyle Medicine Symposium in the Lehigh Valley on April 6, 2019, entitled “Discontent is the First Necessity of Progress:  Why Lifestyle Medicine is the Missing Piece of our Healthcare Toolkit”. 

What is the evidence supporting the use of nature as medicine?

What is Green RX?

Everyone knows fresh air is good for you. But did you know that exercising outside or in view of outside is more effective than exercising inside? Or that dementia gardens can improve memory? Or that PTSD and ADHD can improve with nature guidance? How does nature work? Behavioral activation? Cortisol, vitamin D and serotonin level change? Phytoncide inhalation? Immune system desensitization?

Cluster Randomized Trial

Implementing School-Based Policies to Prevent Obesity

This research, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, aimed to assess whether implementation of specific nutrition and physical activity components of school wellness policies lead to healthier student outcomes, including BMI trajectories. Findings indicate that implementing strong school nutrition policies results in healthier weight trajectories in middle school students.