THI Recognition of Excellence in the Advancement of Health Literacy (REAHL)

THI’s overriding concern is to make the empowering truth about lifestyle and health clear to all.
Young male journalist sitting outside on a city bench writing in a notebook.
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

That means amplifying good, reliable health journalism- and overcoming the static of false health news, unfounded conspiracy theories, and diverting clickbait. We choose to advance fact-based, reliable knowledge and understanding. By leveraging our global Council of elite experts in public health, we intend to establish an annual recognition award for the health journalists deemed by the world’s leading experts as the most reliable, responsible, and credible health journalists consistently bringing accurate and informed content to the public. The recipient of this award will receive the benefit of prioritized coverage from THI, a recognition statement/section on THI’s website, and a prize.