How Eating Plants Improves Health and Reduces Disease

Eat Plants Feel Whole Infographic

Featured Council Member: George Guthrie, MD
In the past decade, 75% of Americans have changed their diet to be healthier. 86% of Americans who regularly eat plant-based protein don’t identify as vegetarian or vegan — What does a plant-based diet really mean?
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American Diets Are Changing

125 million Americans followed a diet plan in the last year
Most Popular American Diets
Ketogenic, low-carb, or high-fat: 12%
Vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian: 6%
Mediterranean: 5%
Paleo or Whole30: 5%
Plant-based: 5%
Though relatively few are following an entirely plant-based diet
43 million Americans regularly eat plant-based alternatives
Nearly 1 in 3 eat plant-based protein every day
In fact, plant-based meals are popular everywhere
In 2019,
Red Robin, Burger King, Subway, Qdoba, and KFC all introduced plant-based options — McDonald’s plans to do the same
Disney introduced plant-based options at all dining locations in Disney World and Disneyland — Including over 400 options
Beyonce and Jay-Z offered free concert tickets —for up to 30 years— to promote a plant-based diet they follow themselves


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Infographic about benefits of a plant-based diet