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Lee Health

Featured Council Member: Scott Kashman
In order for us to best serve our patients and communities, it is important to take care of ourselves and our colleagues. In healthcare, we have a special opportunity to be role models in health and wellbeing for those we serve.

We have a number of programs on Health and Wellbeing throughout Southwest Florida. We host our community within our Healthy Life Centers and Lee Health Solutions

We host a quarterly Wellness meeting across the health care system, pulling together the variety of departments that touch health and wellbeing, to convene and collaborate our vision.

We have self selected Wellness Champions, who are employees within the healthcare system who are passionate participants on their own healthcare journey. We have a National Speaker Series (flyer attached), where we host diverse experts from around the world to come present to our community on topics associated with our Wellness Wheel. We are also the backbone organization for the community health movement, Healthy Lee, which convenes our region to move the needle on two key health issues (lifestyle management and behavioral health). We use the above wellness wheel as our guiding principles.

How can people be involved or get more info?
Christin Collins
System Director of Health & Wellness
Lee Health