The True Health Initiative is providing pertinent information in response to COVID-19 threats and surrounding issues

THI Project to Respond to COVID-19 Threat

The True Health Initiative, led by president David L. Katz, MD, MPH, is working nonstop to respond to COVID-19 threats and surrounding issues, to provide you with pertinent information and answer your questions.
Two medical workers in full protective gear, with blue gowns, blue gloves, masks and hair covers, point a swab towards the driver side window of a car to test for Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus pandemic is attacking the world on both the medical and economic fronts. Many questions are arising as to how to stop the virus from spreading uncontrollably, while at the same time prevent economic devastation. To this end, we have created a group of experts who have crafted a #TotalHarmMinimization strategy for Coronavirus interdiction. The strategy considers both direct and indirect harms of the virus and outlines ways to reduce its effects.

In addition, our Council members who have expertise in this area are writing and speaking about COVID-19 to educate the public on an ongoing basis. THI has published a dedicated page with links to these trusted articles, interviews, podcasts and other resources: THI Responds to COVID-19 Threat. Visit this page to read and learn more, and download Dr. Katz’s #TotalHarmMinimization strategy to share with your local and state officials, civic organizations, and area leaders.