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The Telegraph

Why everything you think you know about protein is wrong

Featured Council Member: Dr. David Katz
Bars, bagels, sparkling water, spread: protein is everywhere, but not as you know it. What was once considered a staple component of chicken, fish and eggs has become the healthy eating marketer’s holy grail.


Wellness, weight loss, and disease prevention with the 5 keys to healthy lifestyle change

Featured Council Member: Tom Rifai
Lifestyle can drive, treat, or prevent many of the biggest contributors to premature death and reduced quality of life, particularly in the context of disease epidemics resulting from sedentariness and the standard American diet.


Doctor debunks Keto Diet

Featured Council Member: Dr. Joel Kahn
So you’ve heard about Keto, aka the Ketogenic diet. Is it healthy? We turned to cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn for answers.

Everyday Health

Poor Diet Kills More People Than Smoking, Global Study Suggests

Featured Council Member: Dr. David Katz
What you eat — and don’t eat — may pose a bigger threat to your health than smoking, drinking, and other common risk factors for premature death. An extensive new study on diet trends around the globe ties poor diet to 11 million deaths around the world in 2017. More than one-half of those deaths were connected with eating too much salt, and not enough whole grains and fruits.


Eat Well. Stress Less. Lead Better: America's Healthy Heart Doc Shares the Keys to a Balanced Life

Featured Council Member: Dr. Joel Kahn
Dr. Joel Kahn calls himself “the happiest physician anybody will ever see,” and anyone spending just a few minutes with this internationally renowned cardiologist, author, speaker and nutritional expert would be hard-pressed to disagree. Dr. Kahn’s enthusiasm for health, medicine—and simply living a fantastic, long life—shines through his every word.

The Washington Post

A well-balanced diet can help keep you healthy. But no single food will lower your blood pressure.

Featured Council Member: Dr. David Katz
Just when the connection between diet and health is getting the respect it deserves, there is a backlash surfacing about the food-as-medicine narrative, with some experts arguing there are downsides to seeing food as anything other than food.

The New York Times

The Role of Diet in Promoting Health

Featured Council Member: Dr. Dean Ornish
Doctors and other health professionals discuss what we know and what don’t know.


Plant-Based Egg From Just to Soon Be Available Nationwide in Whole Foods

Featured Council Member: Kate Geagan
Just, the maker of plant-based mayonnaise, dressings and cookie dough, announced today that Just Egg, a convincing plant-based egg substitute made of mung beans, will be available nationwide in Whole Foods starting in April.


The truth about saturated fat

Featured Council Member: Dr. David Katz
The fad for saturated fats is another example of our fickle approach to nutrition, writes researcher David Katz. Instead of focusing on food sub-classes, a balanced, plant-based diet holds the key.

The Guardian

How the vegan food trend made a star of the pungent jackfruit

Featured Council Member: Danielle Nierenberg
The easy-to-grow crop has the potential to be much more than just a fashionable alternative to meat in the west
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