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The Most Effective Personal Change To Combat The Ecological & Climate Crises

Of all the personal lifestyle changes that the average global citizen can undertake to reduce their carbon footprint, prevent deforestation, combat soil degradation, slow extinction rates, and reduce the necessity for agrochemicals, the single most effective is to stop eating beef and lamb. The science is clear. Cutting out other meats makes for even more positive a change.

What Is The #NoBeef Campaign?

#NoBeef, as featured in BBC News, is run by a group of scientists and environmentalists, led by Matthew Shribman (MChem, Oxon.), working voluntarily to communicate the science, and to encourage schools, universities etc. to drop beef and lamb from their menus. The #NoBeef team also supports institutions through the changeover process.

The #NoBeef website is a highly accessible, public-facing source of information, supported and endorsed by top academics, and the launch video (now almost at 2M views on Facebook) clearly summarises the key points.

With the support of the University of Cambridge, #NoBeef not only demonstrates the environmental advantages of dropping beef and lamb, but also the potential for greater profitability and safety in catering, making the change all the more attractive.

Reducing the amounts of beef and lamb in catering halls is one of the most straightforward (and often the most effective) steps that institutions can take to show that they’re serious about combating the ecological and climate crises.

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