Does your organization —whether For-profit or not-for-profit— actively live by and promote the foundational principles of the  True Health Initiative?

We look forward to working with you to shape, guide, and advance our initiatives. Join the movement. Change broken policy. Be a leader who improves lives.

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The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) is the professional medical association for physicians, medical professionals, allied health professionals and those with professional careers devoted to advancing the mission of lifestyle medicine. ACLM is comprised of members who are passionate about the urgent need to transform health and healthcare.


Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN)

The Physicians Association for Nutrition (PAN) International aims to raise awareness among health professionals, the general public, and policymakers about the role of whole food, plant-based nutrition in promoting good health and preventing and treating disease. PAN International was established in 2018 as an officially recognized nonprofit organization located in Munich, Germany. The organization is expanding and constantly launching new national 
PAN offices around the world to work effectively under local conditions and maximize it’s impact. Currently PAN focuses on teaching medical students and health professionals as part of the PAN Academy, and single events like Europe’s biggest conference on plant-based nutrition in medicine, the VegMed Conference in Berlin. More practical tools to support health professionals in implementing this new knowledge in their daily practice will follow. 

Not-for-profit Partners