Michelle de la Vega
Nutrition and Dietetics, Oncology / Cancer Management, Plant-Based Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine,

PhD, Research Scientist, Vice President of Science Education at The Health Sciences Academy, Editor and Communication Manager at True Health Initiative

Dr. Michelle de la Vega is a distinguished molecular biologist specializing in cancer biology, plant-forward diet, and nutrition science, with a robust portfolio of published studies in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. As the Vice President of Science Education at The Health Sciences Academy, she spearheads the development and delivery of cutting-edge nutrition science curriculum to a diverse array of students, including nutrition professionals, health coaches, medical doctors, nurses, health coaches, and counsellors.

At the forefront of education, Dr. de la Vega serves as the Lead Instructor for the Level 5 Nutrition for Cancer Prevention and Longevity ™ certification at The Health Sciences Academy, guiding learners through hands-on evidence-based strategies for optimizing health outcomes.

Additionally, she continues conducting ground-breaking research and is a lecturer at leading universities. Committed to advancing global health initiatives, she actively supports the True Health Initiative, lending her expertise to various capacities. She is a vital member of the esteemed American College of Lifestyle Medicine community, further solidifying her commitment to the intersection of science and holistic health.