Maurice Castelijn

CEO and Co-Founder of The Health Sciences Academy, CEO of True Health Initiative

Maurice Castelijn is an established international business professional and the visionary CEO of The Health Sciences Academy and True Health Initiative. Holding an MBA from the prestigious London Business School, Maurice leads a dedicated team in creating innovative nutrition certifications and programs, empowering health professionals to expand their practices to make a bigger difference.

Maurice pioneered the Clinic Toolkit™, a specialized resource that enables professionals to enhance their client engagement effectively. His business acumen is matched by a passion for technological advancements, evident from his early predictions of foldable displays to his current advocacies for automation and artificial intelligence in professional practices.

Maurice’s approach is deeply rooted in his diverse experiences from over 30 part-time jobs before the age of 18, teaching him the value of hard work, grit, and adaptability. His career trajectory, from cleaning viruses off floppy disks to leading a major educational platform, exemplifies his motto: “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Maurice’s personal communication style is defined by his NKAB framework, and his cognitive approach is captured by his Kolbe Index (7-6-6-2), which underscores his strengths in strategizing, executing, and relationship-building. These qualities contribute to his role as a mentor, business coach, and leader, providing expert advice to the next generation of health and nutrition leaders and empowering them to further our collective goal of a healthier future for people and the planet.