Dr. Cate Collings headshot
Cate Collings
Lifestyle, Cardiology
San Francisco
United States

Dr. Cate Collings is Director of Lifestyle Medicine for Silicon Valley Medical Development and El Camino Health Medical Network in the San Francisco Bay Area. She serves as current President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Collings has dual board certifications in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine. She holds a graduate degree in exercise physiology, as well as professional culinary and wellness certifications. She received her education from the University of California, University of Wisconsin, and Stanford University Medical Center and is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Society.

Dr. Collings has served in multiple capacities and leadership positions over the past 25 years including Medical Director of El Camino Hospital Cardiopulmonary Wellness Center, Women’s Heart Health, and participation in the American College of Cardiology’s Nutrition and Lifestyle Task Force.  Within ACLM, she co-chaired the initiation of ACLM’s Education Committee and has been a member of the Board of Directors for 6 years. As President, she is focused on guiding Lifestyle Medicine towards specialty status and mainstream medicine, scaling programs and practitioners nationwide, and bringing awareness to Lifestyle Medicine as the primary solution to both personalized and population health.

Nearly 30 years in invasive, general, and nuclear cardiology led to a halt in her belief that the highest quality pharmacologic, diagnostic, and procedural methods were a solution to controlling her patients’ cardiovascular disease. She now focuses exclusively on Lifestyle Medicine consultations, culinary medicine, and developing tech and human connection-enabled Lifestyle Medicine programs that solve for cardiovascular and other lifestyle-related conditions.