A global consensus on lifestyle as medicine.

Lifestyle as medicine.

We lead a global movement to make the fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating common knowledge.

We envision a world with less chronic disease, and we support individuals and communities in directing their resources toward that goal. Our global voice offers clarity and trust. It rises above the din of confusion and fake news in an era of post truth.

As the world’s trusted, authoritative voice on lifestyle as medicine, we demonstrate and disseminate the global consensus on the fundamental, evidence-based principles of lifestyle as medicine, we will change the global understanding of lifestyle practices that most likely help people live longer and live healthier.

One Voice. One Truth.

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We are in the midst of a massive health crisis.

In today’s society, a multitude of competing agendas and motivations obscure the fundamental, simple truths of healthy living. If we don’t create enduring, sustainable change, the next generation will inherit a world where chronic disease and premature death are the norm, not the exception.

There’s a better way.

Many experts. 6 principles. One voice.

The True Health Initiative offers clarity over confusion; we work to spread the fundamental evidence and consensus-based truths about lifestyle as medicine. Decades of published research support six core principles of healthy living that most effectively add years to lives, and life to years.



A diet comprised mostly of minimally processed, generally plant-predominant foods in balanced combinations (e.g., traditional diets of certain Mediterranean populations, certain Asian populations)

An optimal diet exerts far-ranging effects on the body and stands to reduce the risk of all chronic disease.



Routine physical activity at moderate intensity, frequency, and duration

Physical activity is associated with weight control, reduced inflammation, enhanced immune function, and reduced cancer risk specifically.



The avoidance of toxins, particularly tobacco and excess alcohol



Sleep adequate in both quality and quantity

The quality and quantity of sleep has profound effects on psychology, immunology, and neurology.



The effective mitigation of psychological stress

Undue stress can contribute to hormonal imbalances and inflammation that propagate cancer.



The cultivation of meaningful, supportive relationships and strong social bonds

Clinical trials demonstrate that those with loving relationships are far less vulnerable to chronic disease and death than those without.

One Voice
It’s time to live like your health depends on it.

Think no two health experts agree? Think again.

The True Health Initiative is a coalition of world-renowned health experts committed to cutting through the noise and educating on only the time-honored, proven principles about lifestyle as medicine.

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