THI and Processed Meat Guidelines: A Brief Update

True Health Initiative

Dear Colleagues- The THI is the furthest thing imaginable from a radical organization. We do NOT speak for our Council; we only ever speak TO our Council, which represents one thing only: the public face of global, expert consensus regarding fundamental principles of health-promoting, sustainable lifestyle practices. The THI exists only to defend and disseminate these principles.

There was nothing remotely radical in requesting the editorial office of the Annals of Internal Medicine (AIM)- in conjunction with diverse and illustrious colleagues and organizations- to audit a glaring anomaly: the intended publication of guidelines directionally opposed to the very data on which they were purportedly based, and directing the public toward, rather than away from, the apparently greater risk- in opposition to the ethical principles promulgated by the American College of Physicians (among many others), parent organization to the AIM.

The THI did not make any privileged materials public at any time; did not violate the Annals embargo; and has never had recourse to a ‘bot’ or any means of automating emails.  Conjectures to the contrary are overtly false.

Finally, on the chance you don’t know- I have always served the THI out of passion for the mission, and my belief that we need new means of elevating expert consensus regarding the confluence of science and sense above the many noisy alternatives.  I have never been compensated at all for my role, now spanning some 5 years.

I convey my thanks to Jennifer Lutz for her service over the past year.  I am delighted to announce that Leslie Casey, the first Director of Operations for THI, and now at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, will step in as acting director in tandem with Dina Aronson, MS, RD- as we screen candidates for the role.  I am also delighted to announce that Dr. Tom Rifai has agreed to take on the role of ‘News of the Day Editor,’ highlighting timely matters in the THI purview on our home page, and providing clarifying commentary.  More on this, too, coming soon- including opportunities for others to get involved.

I am available to anyone with questions or comments via this email.

My thanks to all of you.

Lastly, a bit more about the THI- the proverbial mouse that roared!- below.


David L. Katz, MD, MPH

The True Health Initiative is a federally authorized 501(c)(3) non-profit supported by philanthropy. The Council of Directors is a coalition of roughly 500 diverse, fully independent content experts in medicine, public health, and life sciences- from roughly 45 countries. There is no membership fee, nor are Council members compensated.

The THI does not advocate for any specific diet, but rather the general set of clearly established, fundamental elements of health-promoting and sustainable dietary and lifestyle practices

Organizational membership in the True Health Initiative is open to all based on merit and alignment of principles, and does not involve a fee.

The True Health Initiative currently operates with a single funded position; the President is not compensated.

The True Health Initiative has never made use of ‘bots’ to disseminate any message, and has no recourse to any such service or device.

The principles espoused and defended by the True Health Initiative are on public display; have been from inception; and are never altered on the basis of changes in membership or charitable contributions.  They would, however, change- if ever the gradually shifting weight of evidence warranted it.