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Victor Saadia
Behavioral Science, Lifestyle Medicine

Victor Saadia is a Health & Wellness Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant, Speaker and Podcaster. He holds a BS in Economics and MA in Interdisciplinary Thought by New York University. He is currently undergoing his second Masters in Regenerative Medicine and is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy at the European Graduate School based in Switzerland. He is the founder of BioCenter, an array of businesses related to Regenerative Medicine and Founder of ALIVE, a WellBeing Consultancy with three branches: Wellness Consulting, Health Design and Corporate Wellness. Victor is part of the curators board of La Ciudad de Las Ideas and Founding President of the Mexican Association of Lifestyle Medicine (AMMEV). He has published research papers on education, epistemology and philosophy of science and a book on Chronic Disease and Lifestyle Medicine. He is the creator and host of “Back to the Future Podcast.”