Jeff “Oly” Olson
Fourt Lauderdale
United States

Jeff Olson is a business and social entrepreneur. After retiring from professional athletics, Jeff had successful stints in the financial and technology industries. In 2000, after a health crisis with his Dad, he and his wife co-founded Well Nourished Worldwide. WNW delivers production, consumption and distribution of innovative health foods.

Jeff is the co-founder of the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission (precursor to LiveWELL Colorado). He is co-founder of Altius Farms and strategic advisor to companies. He serves on the boards Jimmy Heuga Center Endowment, Turn the Tide Foundation, Operation Victory Gardens and the Colorado Olympians Association. He is a two-time TED speaker (“An Olympic Why” and “Victory Gardens, the Sequel”).

Jeff is a 2-time Olympian, 3 time national champion and Pan American gold medalist. He is the leading advocate for using America’s next Olympic bid to elevate global HEALTH to higher ground and steward health into becoming a pillar of the Olympic Movement.