Gidon Eshel wearing a blue shirt and blue bicycle helmet, sitting on hill with his dog.
Gidon Eshel
Climate, Environmental Health, Plant-Based Diets, Research, Sustainability
-New York-

Gidon Eshel is a research professor of environmental physics at Bard College, a 2017 Radcliffe Fellow at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, and an Adjunct Senior Scientist at Columbia’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and Harvard’s Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences. His work in recent years focuses on quantifying multi-dimensional geophysical consequences of agriculture, aquaculture, and diet, addressing contributions to climate change, water pollution and consumptive use, occupation of high quality cropland as well as grazing rangeland, biodiversity and species extinction, among others. A recent novel thrust is mathematical-numerical modeling of regenerative agriculture, and the roles this agricultural model may play in future, more sustainable alternative food systems. Another new direction Eshel is now vigorously pursuing addresses thermodynamic efficiency of various livestock, taking a systems biology-motivated allometric approach.