Erkki Vartiainen
National Institute for Health and Welfare

Erkki Vartiainen, MD, Ph.D. He is a Professor and Director of Health Department in National Institute for Health and Welfare in Finland. His main research interest has been cardiovascular disease prevention by risk factors and life style changes. He has 500 publications in international and national scientific journals. He has been working as a co-principal investigator in the North Karelia Project. Consult for World Bank, WHO and EU chronic diseases prevention. He was Visiting Scientist at CDC in the US in 1989-90, Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh in 2000-2001, he has Adjunct Academic Status as a Professor 2011-2013 and Doctor of Science (honorary) in Flinders University, Australia. He is a member of executive board in Finnish Diabetes Association, chairperson of the central council in Asthma and Allergy Federation and chairperson of the Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention, and chairperson of National Nutrition Council in Finland. He is director of WHO Collaborative Centre on NCD prevention in Finland.