Special Projects

Welcome to the Special Projects section of the True Health Initiative, where we spotlight the innovative and impactful initiatives that define our commitment to health and wellness.

These projects showcase our efforts to tackle complex health challenges and create lasting change in communities worldwide. Join us on a journey through our ongoing endeavors and celebrated achievements in promoting the health of the people and the planet.

Seven Countries Study

The seven countries study: 2,289 deaths in 15 years. Ancel Keys, Alessandro Menotti, Christ Aravanis, Henry Blackburn, Bozidar S Djordevic, Ratko Buzina, A S Dontas, Flaminio Fidanza, Martti J Karvonen, Noboru Kimura, Ivan Mohacek, Srecko Nedeljkovic, Vittorio Puddu, Sven Punsar, Henry L Taylor, Susanne Conti, Daan Kromhout, and Hironori Toshima. Prev Med. Mar 1984.

The Seven Countries Study. Katherine D Pett, Walter C Willett, Erkki Vartiainen, David L Katz. Eur Heart J. Nov 2017.

The Seven Countries Study webpage. 
This website seeks to display and explain the background, concepts, methods, and results of the Seven Countries Study, an unique on-going exploration of biology, environment, diet and lifestyle in the cause and prevention of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases. 

Coronavirus Resources


 A Total-Harm-Minimization Framework for Developing Expedient and Low-Risk Return-to-the-Workforce Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Roger M. Stein, Daniel J. Arbess, Michael Kanef, David L. Katz, and Timothy S. Walsh. 2020.

No Beef Study