Uplift Food – Good Mood Food

Featured Council Member: Kara Landau
The world’s first dietitian created functional food brand focused exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of a prebiotic gut healthy diet.

All products released are plant based, organic and prebiotic rich with levels supported by science to have a positive effect on either gut health or mood. Our first signature product, the Daily Uplifter is a psychobiotic powder crafted to include a unique blend of specific probiotics, three different types of prebiotic fibers and resistant starches, as well as additional anti-inflammatory plant based whole food nutrients including high Vitamin D mushrooms and pumpkin seed magnesium.

Uplift Food aims to be the go-to global provider for trustworthy and innovative PRE-biotic products connected to mood. Our mission is to make quality mood supportive gut healthy prebiotic foods and information accessible, understandable, and incorporated daily, by all.

Why this matters now:

With mental health conditions at an all time high, and continuing to rise, and the science continuing to unfold on the connection between gut health and mental wellbeing, Uplift Food has taken a leading stance to both educate and provide valuable products to support practitioners and consumers access the benefits that can come from nourshing the gut with a prebiotic rich diet.

Who is effected and how. Who are you serving?

Our electronic books are accessible across the globe and target both practitioners as well as consumers to educate them on the importance of prebiotics a gut healthy diet, and the role it plays in mood regulation. Our natural supplement and food products are currently available in Australia and the USA, with the ability to export to further countries.

How can people get involved or get more information?

Head over to the Uplift Food website for further details.

Consumers: can purchase products online and get involved with our Uplifter Affiliate program.

Practitioners: In addition to the above, can also reach out about wholesale orders for their clinics and working environments, or join our “expert uplifter” panel showcasing why they too believe in the mission behind Uplift Food.

Media: Can reach out to interview head dietitian and prebiotic expert, Kara Landau.

Useful links:

Video: https://vimeo.com/247717271