The Better Nutrition Program

Featured Council Member: Ashley Koff, RD
The Better Nutrition Program creates tools developed by practitioners for practitioners and their patients to assess current total nutrition intake. Tools are used as intake forms, for sessions, and to help practitioners develop their businesses. We offer companies and patients a network of practitioners using tools and those with whom we’ve collaborated to develop tools.

Project Goals: 

  • Improve compliance with deliciously doable personalized nutrition recommendations
  • Improve outcomes based on giving patients’ bodies a targeted blend of nutrients.
  • Make it easier for practitioners to develop personalized nutrition recommendations based on filling gaps in total nutrition
  • Create awareness that the limitations of current assessment tools include not assessing all the different ways a patient gets in nutrients as well as the differential between blood levels of nutrients and RDAs.

Why this matters now
With emphasis on costly 2.0 and 3.0 options (genetic tests, supplement quizzes, labs) we’ve moved further from effective assessment of current nutrient intake, yet they have the potential to have the most immediate, targeted impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. Investment in health is sky rocketing but patients (and practitioners) are frustrated, not seeing improved outcomes. Lack of uniformity of training – integrative/functional/allopathic – and access to influencer recommendations contributing to INFObesity and challenging outcomes.