Emory Lifestyle Medicine & Wellness

Featured Council Member: Sharon Bergquist, MD
We offer evidence-based, lifestyle-oriented, experiential disease prevention programs and wellness assessments to help people reach their health goals and live their longest, healthiest life.

Our goal is to offer innovative healthcare services that complement traditional care in order to empower people to awaken their natural ability to live a vibrant, happy life. We do this by translating the expertise of our research faculty into practical steps every person can take to feel their best. By promoting lifestyle as medicine, we hope to move closer to the tipping point of changing our culture towards wellness.

Why this matters now

Many of the patients that I see are looking for ways to be healthier and feel better but don’t know which resources they can trust. Amid epidemic rates of chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, we, as an academic medical center, are working to be more proactive in leading the way in offering a different type of care—one that cares for the whole person and teaches lifelong skills.

How can people get involved or get more information?

People who are interested can listen to our podcast or participate in one of our programs. We also love to work collaboratively with THI council members so please reach out if interested in any joint research or clinical effort or to feature your work as a guest on our podcast!

Our website: https://www.emoryhealthcare.org/lifestyle-medicine-wellness/index.html

Our podcast: The Whole Health Cure https://thewholehealthcure.simplecast.fm/

Sample programs:

Web-based obesity course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/weight-management-beyond-balancing-calories

Teaching kitchen employee wellness program: https://hr.emory.edu/eu/wellness/challenges-and-events/healthy-kitchen/index.html