Wellian Office Solution Embraced at ARK Cardiovascular & Arrhythmia Center

Written by Linda LaGanga
Wellian™, Inc., teamed up with ARK Cardiovascular & Arrhythmia Center and began the first Wellian Office Solution deployment in June, with ARK’s Detroit clinic.

From there, the Wellian team moved on to Dearborn, MI and Trenton, MI, before returning for a second week in Dearborn, where the medical team invited Wellian to return for further work together. In Dearborn, the entire staff of over 20 members — including Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, Receptionists, and Transcriptionists — was engaged in interacting with the Wellian team. Almost 400 patients are served during this two- week period throughout these three busy clinics.

During the Wellian team visit, 153 real patients used Wellian Office Solution to provide their medical status and history. The 60 patients who were surveyed strongly agreed that they:

1) Were very satisfied with this voice assistant experience today. (88%)

2) Would like to use this voice assistant the next time they visit the clinic. (88%)

3) Would recommend using this voice assistant to their other doctors. (82%)

These very positive results confirm that Wellian is on the right track in designing and providing technology-assisted solutions that help clinics deliver health care efficiently in ways that patients enjoy and appreciate. Patients commented that the voice-based technology was clear, easy to use, and felt natural. Patients understood how it helps them and their doctors. Here are some representative positive comments from patients.

  • It saves time. It was very easy, she [Alexa] spoke clearly. All offices have to have it. Easy to use.
  • It was like a human being. It helps everyone. Your doctor will know more about you. Sometimes you can say things to a machine easier than to your doctor. She [Alexa] helps everyone, me and my doctor.
  • It was great. Something new. I enjoyed it. I prefer other doctors use it as well. Makes the job easier.
  • I prefer to talk rather than filling in forms. I still have an old cellphone but this one was easy. You have good doctors here too. They know what is good. It was good. All you have to do is just to listen. Good experience.
  • Good. I love to talk rather than filling forms. It was so shocking, it’s a new technology. I like it. Great
  • Great experience. I use Alexa at home. Easy
  • Easy to do. Not complicated at all. Easy, ask questions, you answer, that is how I explain it to my friends.
  • It was interesting, strange because you are not used to talking to devices. It is better than paper. I will talk to others about it.
  • Seven patients admitted they don’t like technology and would rather talk to a person even though they admitted the benefits of such technology. Some patients even provided detailed product suggestions. Such feedback is useful to the Wellian team in tuning the product and instructions to patients, and for the clinic to consider and adapt to its patients’ needs to ensure they have positive experiences in their health care.

Wellian has been making tremendous progress since its official formation in August 2018 to apply AI technology and analytics to improve health and the delivery of healthcare services. Its innovative approaches and bright future have been featured in the Organization Spotlight of the True Health Initiative Newsletter.