NOTeD Editor Dr. Tom Rifai Interviews UnDo It! Author and THI Council Member Dr. Dean Ornish

Tom Rifai, MD, FACP
UNDO-IT-book cover-image

You might be new to the True Health Initiative and our platform here at NOTeD. So I won’t presume you know Dr. Dean Ornish. It would take you only a brief moment via internet search to find a mile of information on his landmark career. He is the world’s top authority in utilizing lifestyle as medicine to reverse heart disease. The Ornish program also has evidence to support it’s anti-cancer, anti-stroke properties. And soon his great list of disease reversal research will likely include another devastating illness that lifestyle as medicine can potentially prevent: dementia.

Dr. Dean Ornish Shares a Personal Side to the Story

Beyond his incredible professional work, Dr. Ornish has his own history of experiencing suicidal depression. As a recovering binge eater personally, almost losing my own, and actually losing my youngest brother’s, life to it (Basil, may he rest in peace), I know how powerful insight from such an experience can be in terms of helping people with their own deep challenges with therapeutic lifestyle changes. Tragedy, he makes clear, provides opportunity!

Dr. Ornish’s thoughts in this interview are a treasure trove. We cannot thank him enough for his time. And we congratulate him not only on the Ornish Program’s success – designated as “#1 For Heart Health” for a decade straight by the expert committee of the US News and World Report – but also for marrying and partnering with such a wonderful co-author of UnDo It!, Anne Ornish (I’ll be lobbying her for an interview next)!

Enjoy our interview below, and then don’t forget to Undo It!