NOTeD Interviews World-renowned Nutrition Researcher Dr. Barbara Rolls on Calorie Density and More

Tom Rifai, MD, FACP
Barbara Rolls, PhD, is a professor and nutrition researcher specializing in characteristics food such as calorie density, portion size and variety. In this episode of NOTeD, she speaks with Dr. Tom Rifai about her research and some surprising results regarding weight loss.
Dr. Barbara Rolls, PhD on the left of the Zoom call and Dr. Tom Rifai on the right. Dr. Rolls is holding up a copy of her book, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet.

The expertise and research of today’s NOTeD guest, professor and world renowned nutrition researcher, Dr. Barbara Rolls PhD, has been some of the most impactful on the thousands of lives I have touched throughout my career as a Metabolic and Lifestyle Medicine Specialist.

Her seminal work on how fullness is intimately related to the total weight of food we eat, and how much the internal water of food can impact the weight of food is, to me, the most powerful concept in achieving weight loss without significant hunger, bar none. Her studies reflect some of the most solid science in support of why we should manage not only our weight, but our overall health, by prioritizing whole fruits and vegetables and other “wet foods” (as Dr. Rolls puts it), such as cooked legumes and whole grains.

Dr. Rolls’ Personal Side, Her Work on Calorie Density, and the Volumetrics Diet

In this interview we explore some of the personal side and journey of Dr. Rolls as well as her path to becoming international nutrition royalty (my description, not hers, but she certainly deserves it). We discuss the calorie density findings of the Premier Trial, and how participants who were encouraged to eat more high nutrient density, low calorie density foods, focusing on portion control only for higher calorie density foods not only lost the most weight but were the least hungry and were able to do so while eating almost a half of a pound more of food daily than the group provided eating guidance based on portion control alone.

We also discuss her latest book, The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, her other Volumetrics books, and touch on suggestions for improved eating as well as her favorite ways to stay physically active.

Yes, Dr. Rolls deserves to be one of my career heroes. I cannot thank her enough for joining us for this NOTeD interview.

With that introduction, please take the time to enjoy this interview with such a magnificent soul. Dr. Rolls has given us so much hope for managing calories without undo fear of “starvation,” nor any need to “absolutely” give up the pleasure of our non-negotiables, learning to manage them smartly with conscious portion and frequency control.

I know I was smarter after the interview, and I think after watching, you will also feel much smarter, and perhaps better about food overall, as well. So by all means, click play and savor the brain food she provides us all. Bon appétit!