Media Response – NYTimes: Expose on Ghana

6 October 2017

Topic:  New York Times Health:  Obesity and Fast Food in Ghana.

True Health Initiative is a global coalition of health experts focused on clarity over confusion and truth over trend whenever healthy eating and healthy living are the subject. We want to help African media present solutions to issues brought to light and amplified by NYTimes coverage.

Our experts are available for interview if you intend to research or write news on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, or any fundamental element of lifestyle as medicine.

For Immediate Use

(United States – Ghana) A recent article published on Monday, October 2 in the New York Times highlights the 650% increase of obesity rates in Ghana since 1980.  The article attributes cause to an influx of fast food restaurants and direct consumer marketing that influences many Africans away from their traditional diets.  Please let us know if you have any topic relating to lifestyle and healthy nutrition – we can provide expert commentary.

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