The Incredible Power of Sleep

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Season 1, Episode 11 Guest: Dr. Meeta Singh

In this episode we explore the science and the incredible power of sleep with international authority, Dr. Meeta Singh. Dr. Singh is also a performance consultant for professional sports including Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Pro Football Hall of Fame and many others. Tom and Meeta review the critical aspects of sleep including:

      • the need for sleep,
      • its impact on mental and physical performance,
      • dementia, and
      • the value of naps.

    Dr. Singh highlights the circadian clock and obstacles to sleep. And she provides tips for better rest. We believe you’ll find her answers not only illuminating, but very actionable.

    Key messages about the incredible power of sleep:

        • Quality sleep promotes clearance of harmful toxins that build up through the day, reducing the risk for dementia.
        • We can best cope with stressors when our bodies are well rested. Sleep is a reset button to help us face the stressors of the following day.
        • You need 7-9 hours of sleep to function well.
        • Naps can help meet the number of hours of sleep you need but it is not advisable too close to bedtime.
        • When sleep deprived, caffeine can help with alertness and making decisions faster, but the quality of decisions may not improve (i.e., we may simply “make bad decisions faster”).
        • You are less effective in general if you are sleep deprived.
        • Less than 6 hours are likely to result in deficits in behavior.

Dr Meeta Singh Headshot

Meeta Singh, MD

Meeta Singh, MD is board-certified in sleep medicine and psychiatry. She clinically practices, professionally coaches and speaks widely on the applied science of sleep.  Her evidence-based approach integrates individualized medical, psychiatric, and behavioral diagnosis and coaching to improve clients’ sleep health for their optimized physical and mental performance with enhanced health and quality of life.

Dr. Singh’s deep expertise in sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment was forged in Psychiatry training at the Mayo Clinic and as a Physician in Sleep Medicine at the Henry Ford Sleep Center, where Dr. Singh practiced and served as Chief of Service for 15 years.

Today, Dr. Singh combines this expertise with extensive real-world experience working with world-class performance organizations to produce Integrated Sleep Optimization programs tailored to the unique needs and conditions of individual clients to help them optimize their personal and professional performance.

Dr. Singh has served as a consultant for multiple NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic and college sports teams, as well as large organizations, CEOs, and C-suite executives, all seeking to optimize their competitive performance.

Dr. Singh serves clients with individualized services that cut through the hype and disinformation about sleep to provide evidence-based guidance to getting the sleep needed to maximize their performance.

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