Plant-Based Diets for Reversing Disease and Saving the Planet

“The relative contributions of meat and plants to the native human diet, and human adaptation to these dietary constituents, are a matter of debate among paleoanthropologists. Indisputable, however, is the imprint of both on the anatomy and physiology of Homo sapiens: our species is constitutionally omnivorous. That means we have choices to make …”  David L. Katz

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The Amazon Rainforest, an irreplaceable treasure of nature, and of profound importance to the Earth’s climate and biodiversity, is being destroyed at an accelerating rate largely due to global consumer demand for beef.

YOU have the power to take action.
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The Truth About Plant-Based Meats
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We call upon the Commissioner of the FDA and the US Secretary of Agriculture to commission a working group of the National Academy of Medicine to modernize the formal definition of protein quality to one that better serves both public, and planetary health.

Nearly all of us will fail at our annual round of New Year’s resolutions, which historically are led by eating better and losing weight. But the struggle for your health is not a battle between you and the scale, or you and the brownies.


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