You Don’t Have Time to Exercise

Yes, time is a resource, we never seem to have enough of. No, your health should not be what gets bumped from your schedule.

Dr. Mark Faries, writes for his blog, Fitness Pudding:

Easily, the leading barrier to physical activity I have heard over my career is ‘lack of time’. But, is time really a barrier to physical activity?

In one of my favorite studies on his issue, 24-hour activity diaries found adult women spent 28 hours per week in sedentary leisure-time activity.1 In other words, their reports that lack of time is a barrier do not reflect actual time available for physical activity, and might not be a valid excuse for staying inactive.

Recently, diaries of over 32,000 Americans showed that on average, they had more than 5 hours of free time per day, with little variation by age or income.2 By far, most of that free time, up to nearly 70%, was spent on screen time.

Remember, the minimal prescription for health is only 30-minutes per day of a moderate intensity activity. That still leaves 4.5 hours of free time each day.

So, the question that many, and perhaps you, need to wrestle with is, do I not have the free time for physical activity, or do I not use the free time I do have?

Via. Fitness Pudding, Council Member Mark Faries

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