Fruits will Make You Fat

Yes, fruits have sugar- some more than others.

No, eating a variety of fruits will not tank a healthy diet.

Restrictive diets lead to feeling deprived, spikes in cravings and cycles of crash dieting. If it comes from the earth, and isn’t poison, a moderate amount will likely do the body more good than harm.

So this winter, ditch the sugar, fruits are sweeter.

Fruits are healthy. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Certain fruits rate high on the glycemic index scale that others, which may lead to insulin spikes- especially for those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Your best bets for nutrients and lower sugar content? Berries are a great choice. Cherries are another favorite!  The winter month are a tough time for berries, but frozen varieties can be a great option.

Looking for an easy lunch snack? Apples and oranges are both nutrient dense, low in calories and won’t jack up your insulin levels. Save your watermelon, pineapple, bananas and mangos for post workout when your body is most insulin sensitive.

Also, we tend to eat in patterns and combine foods, which can be your best friend when controlling insulin spikes.  Combine your fruit with a handful of almonds to slow digestion, increase nutrient intake and avoid insulin spikes.

This year, leave behind fad diets and instead,  practice healthy habits and sustainable living