Violet Wanjihia

Violet Wanjihia is currently working in Kenya, as a Senior Research Officer at the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), in the Centre for Public Health Research (CPHR), She is involved in developing and implementing research mechanisms that define the incidence and prevalence of nutritional deficiencies and other major issues of public health concern. She is also involved in crafting interventions to address nutritional deficiencies, as well as inform policy using evidence emerging from research findings.  She has a keen interest in Public health, Nutrition Education, Program Management, Molecular Genetics, Lipid Metabolism, Epidemiology, Nutritional Analysis and Health Education.

In addition, she has a specialization in Epigenetics and Nutritional Programming, Non-communicable diseases, Maternal, child health and Nutrition.

Over the last fourteen years, she has worked as a researcher, in collaboration with various institutions within and outside Kenya.