Sean Lucan
-New York-
United States
Dr. Sean Lucan is a practicing family physician in the Bronx, NY, treating children and adults. He is also an award-winning NIH-funded investigator who has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and thought pieces on food-related issues.  Additionally, he has co-authored one textbook on nutrition and another on biostatistics, epidemiology, preventive medicine, and public health.
Dr. Lucan earned his MD and MPH degrees at Yale before completing residency training in Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Pennsylvania.  After residency, he completed a fellowship in the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, where he earned an MS in Health Policy Research.  He is currently a fellow at the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine).
Dr. Lucan’s research focuses on how different aspects of urban food environments may influence what people eat, and what the implications are for obesity and chronic diseases, particularly in low-income and minority communities.  Another focus of his work is the critical examination of clinical guidance and public health initiatives related to nutrition.