Sean C. Lucan
Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Epidemiology, Family Medicine, Food System Change, Lifestyle Medicine, MD, Metabolic Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, Obesity and Weight Management, Plant-Based Nutrition, Preventive Health and Medicine, Public Health
United States

Dr. Lucan consults for both industry and academy. He served as VP Medical Director for a preventive medicine company, where — as the highest-level medical executive — he was in charge of all medical content and clinical quality. He is now working to bring medical innovation into broader clinical practice.

Dr. Lucan is a practicing family physician and grant-funded health researcher. His primary work focuses on social determinants related to obesity, cardio-metabolic illness, and diet-related chronic diseases. Dr. Lucan has also worked extensively in the areas related to COVID-19 mitigation.

As a former Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, and a past fellow at the National Academy of Medicine (formerly Institute of Medicine), Dr. Lucan has broad expertise in epidemiology, public health, health disparities, and health policy. His work has led to real-world impacts—new procedures, practices, and policies.