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Scott Fulton
Longevity and Aging

Scott is a longevity authority and aging educator. He chairs the National Aging in Place Council and an active member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the National Health Association. He teaches longevity and aging in place at the University of Delaware, Wilmington campus to adults, and supports prominent physicians behind the scenes. Following several corporate and consulting roles Scott established Home Ideations, a health-centered consulting and design company, and founded of two health education platforms: Longevity Advantage™ and Whealthspan™. An engineer and researcher by training, coupled with a lifetime in innovation, Scott is noted for bringing systems a mindset driven to root causality, testing some of our traditional approaches, practices and beliefs around public health and aging. Operating within the educational leadership space provides him unique opportunities to test concepts and gather data on public health trends related to aging. He is passionate around the tremendous opportunity to get our life expectancy back on track through the power of public education and awareness of the untapped potential of human biology.