Rodrigo Bornhausen-Demarch
Ribeirao Preto
-Sao Paulo-

Dr. Bornhausen-Demarch is a physician with training in Geriatrics, Exercise and Resistance Training Physiology in Aging from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Healthcare Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and he holds a professional certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Stanford University. He is also a board certified Occupational Health Physician. Dr. Bornhausen-Demarch is the Corporate Health, Well-being and Safety Manager at Hospital Alemao Oswaldo Cruz (HAOC) where he coordinates a multidisciplinary team and several health promotion and disease prevention initiatives. In his early days he was project leader of Programa Bem-Estar (PBE), a comprehensive wellness program designed to promote health and quality of life in the workplace, focusing on progressive and sustainable behavior change, by offering tools, education, activities and professional support for HAOC’s employees and their families. PBE has been nationally awarded as an outstanding workplace health promotion program, twice.

As a professor of Executive MBA courses, he teaches in the fields of health promotion, disease prevention and population health management. He is an Ambassador for European Society of Lifestyle Medicine in Brazil and has special interest in preventive and lifestyle medicine, health promotion, health and wellness coaching, behavior design, e-health, telemedicine, population health management, innovation, health start-ups and medical leadership.