Ramune Kalediene

Prof. Ramunė Kalėdienė is Habilitated Doctor, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Head of the Dept. of Health Management at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. She is also president of Lithuanian Public Health Association, vice-president of Lithuanian Society of Health Management, member of different committees at the Lithuanian Ministry of Health, expert of Health Committee at the Parliament of Lithuania. She is also expert of the European Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation, and member of Scientific Committee of European Public Health Association. For several years, she has chaired the Peer Review Committee of the Association of Schools of Public Health of European Region (ASPHER), was member of the Board of ASPHER. Since 2004, she serves as expert for developing schools of Public Health in the European region. She took part in the assessment and development of public health training programs in Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Syria, Spain and UK. Ramune Kalediene worked as adjunct professor at the Nordic School of Public Health in 2001-2003, was a member of the National Board of Health at the Lithuanian Parliament in 2004-2008. She also served as WHO expert for human resource development in public health and inequalities in health. Scientific interests: social and demographic inequalities in health and health care, epidemiology of external causes of death in Lithuania. Prof. R. Kalediene is an author or co-author of several textbooks and more than 300 scientific publications on related issues.