Pankaj Vij
United States

Dr. Pankaj Vij is a firm believer in the mind body connection. Because a healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity and quality of life, he is on a life-long quest to uncover the secrets to achieving balance in the body-mind and one’s surroundings. Dr. Vij is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and has been practicing in the San Francisco Bay area since 2002. He has helped hundreds of people achieve and maintain their goal weight, reduce stress and improve their overall health.

Dr. Vij is passionate about nutrition and fitness and is interested in slowing down the aging process and optimizing human performance. He believes in improving health span, not just life span by promoting a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet, regular physical activity, meditation and sleep, adding music and humor for good measure. He believes in integrating the latest science and technology with age old wisdom to achieve balance in psycho-neuro-endocrine systems which are intimately inter-connected. He has a strong interest in Mind-Body medicine, stress management and mindfulness as ways to quell the fire within and turn the body clock backwards.

He works with individuals and groups to enhance health and improve outcomes in terms of work-place satisfaction and productivity, and presents at national and international professional conferences on preventive medicine and age management. He attended medical school at the elite All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI. His book Turbo Metabolism is slated to be published in the fall of 2017.