Naveed Saleh
Environmental Health, Internal Medicine, Mediterranean Diet, Nutrition and Dietetics, Oncology / Cancer Management, Preventative Medicine, Primary Care, Public Health
San Diego

Naveed Saleh, MD, MS, is a full-time medical writer and editor based in San Diego. He attained an AB from Cornell University, MD from Wayne State University School of Medicine, and an MS in science and technology journalism from Texas A&M University. While at Texas A&M, Naveed trained with Barbara Gastel, MD, MPH, a thought leader in medical journalism and medical editing.

Naveed has written more than 1,000 health articles for many major medical publications, including Medscape, MDLinx, Pain Medicine News, Anesthesiology News, Verywell,, Oncology Nation, and Cancer Network. He has also written and edited many peer-reviewed articles for prominent, high-impact journals. Naveed was the Medical Treatments Expert at Verywell, where he covered the newest in prescription drugs and trends, as well as the emerging opioid and Ebola epidemics. Naveed is a long-time blogger at Psychology Today, where he often covers the intersection between health and psychology. He won a 2010 Apex Award for Health & Medicine, with his feature “Don’t Mess With TCOM.”

Naveed Saleh is the Amazon bestselling author of two books including The Complete Guide to Article Writing: How to Write Successful Articles for Online and Print Markets (Writer’s Digest Books/Penguin Random House) and the Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing: Essential Tips for Online and Print Publication (McFarland). The former title is taught at journalism programs worldwide and was translated into Mandarin in 2017. Naveed is also a writing instructor, course developer, and consultant at Writer’s Digest University, where he teaches advanced blogging, copywriting, and online journalism.

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