Matthew Miller
Van Wert
United States

Matthew Miller is a licensed mental health professional with a passion for introducing technology into population health improvement programs.  Beyond Master’s degrees in Experiential Education, Outdoor Recreation, and Family Therapy, Dr. Miller completed a PhD in social and behavioral science at the University of Minnesota.  His passions have led him to speak about wellness to audiences around the country, start numerous businesses aimed at helping lower the bar to healthy living, and introduce integrative and hybridized models of well-being into mainstream employee wellness programming.

Like Dr. Katz, Matthew is a fierce advocate for regular physical activity.  His mental health private practice (Running Therapy) is one example of his commitment to helping people establish more active lifestyles.  Dr. Miller is also a firm believer in the power of habits to influence health behaviors.  He is currently working with several SaaS  (software-as-a-service) companies to incorporate behavioral science research findings into tech solutions tackling population health issues.  In his free time, Matthew teaches Psychology at St. Catherine’s University and hikes with his family at one of Minnesota’s many beautiful wilderness areas.