Mathieu “Mat” Provencal

The University path of Dr. Provençal is a telling reflection of what must be a multidisciplinary approach to the tasks of a modern clinical laboratory. Dr. Provençal obtained his PhD (2009) in physiology in the Faculté de Médecine at Université de Montreal. In 2011, he obtained his certification as a specialist in clinical biochemistry (CSPQ). Dr. Provençal joined the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, working as a clinical biochemist where he is in charge of the endocrinology/andrology and oncology labs. He co-founded an IVF clinic in the greater Montreal area and has a special interest in the prevention of mother-child diseases. In 2013, Dr. Provençal published the book: Conceiving: preventing and treating infertility. The book has been published in French, English and Chinese.