Maryam Shokri

Maryam Shokri received her MD at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran in 2018. She healed her life-long sever full body atopic dermatitis, red skin syndrome and topical steroid addiction through lifestyle modifications and whole food plant based diet. Ever since she have dedicated her life to spreading awareness about ”Topical Steroid Addiction”, ”Steroid induced medical conditions”, ”Therapeutic effects of a low-fat high-carbohydrate plant based diet” and ”Healthy Lifestyle Modifications”. She was a member of advisory board and a nutrition counselor in Mashhad Natural Nutrition Society (a Nonprofit Corporation).  Moreover due to her strong belief in sport medicine and the role of exercise in chronic conditions, she worked as a yoga manager and lifestyle counselor in Nik Andishan Yoga Studio in her hometown, Mashhad, Iran. She believes educating and helping patients toward a healthier lifestyle will help them to experience a new level of health and joy in life which is not reachable through any form of medication nor any procedure. Her research interests focus on the area of lifestyle and preventive medicine and chronic disorders including cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.