Ligia Dominguez

Ligia J. Dominguez was born in Colombia, South America, where she graduated from Medical School and completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the ‘Universidad del Rosario’ in Bogota. Afterwards, she joined the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Hypertension at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI, USA) performing basic and clinical research, and completing her fellowship in Endocrinology.

Dr. Dominguez research interests cover the fields of diabetes and its complications, nutrition and metabolism, and mineral metabolism, in relation to aging. The interplay between aging and metabolic disorders is suggested by the global susceptibility for a number of metabolic diseases and functional decline that accompany the process of aging. Even if the mechanism that leads to such a susceptibility to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and derived disability in old age is poorly understood, an interaction of environmental factors, particularly diet and lifestyle, with a susceptible physiology has been suggested.

Dr. Dominguez is currently Assistant Professor and Staff Physician of the Geriatric Unit at the Department of Internal Medicine and Specialties of the University of Palermo (Italy), where she teaches at the Post-graduate School of Geriatrics, at the Medical School, and at the Schools of Dietetics and Nursery. Dr Dominguez has been local coordinator in multicenter studies sponsored by the Italian Government and by the European Community such as GIFA (Gruppo Italiano di Farmacovigilanza nell’Anziano), ESAW (European Study of Adult Well-Being: Determinants of well-being in older age and of successful ageing), EUROFAMCARE (Support Services for Family Caregivers of Adults in Europe), and Anorexia of Aging. Dr. Dominguez has authored over 300 journal articles, book chapters and abstracts in peer reviewed national and international journals and has been invited as speaker in conferences at national and international meetings.