Katerina Parmele
Katerina (Kathy) Tsapos Parmele, MD, FACEP is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician, Director of Wellness at CalvertHealth Emergency Medicine and a member of ACLM.  Her passion for lifestyle medicine was initiated during a period of burnout in her own clinical practice. She successfully combatted this burnout by personally adhering to lifestyle medicine principles and decided that she would dedicate her life towards helping other physicians do the same. She is the founder of HealThySelf HealThyWorld, LLC which aims to spread the lifestyle medicine message to clinicians in order to pay it forward exponentially to their patients. She is a Harvard- certified CHEF Coach and a Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach. She is an avid endurance athlete, having completed 14 marathons and 4 Ironman triathlons to date. She is also an avid Greek cook and spreads the culinary medicine message to others one delicious forkful at a time.