John Stevens

John Stevens is a health scientist and Associate Professor with Southern Cross University’s School of Health and Human Sciences in Australia. He is also the Director of a number of companies engaged in the Health Education and Research. In the past John has been Head of the School of Nursing and Health Practices (SCU), the Director of Post Graduate studies (which included convening the first ever Master’s Award in Lifestyle Medicine,) and Director of Professional Development and Enterprise. He has over 60 peer reviewed publications including a book on dementia.

In 2008 John co-founded the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and remains an executive member of the Board. Having worked closely with some of the world’s leading scientists in the area of Lifestyle Medicine, John is one of Australia’s emerging leaders and experts in illness prevention and chronic disease management. With over 30 years of experience in health practice (as a registered nurse), teaching and research he has developed a strong academic and entrepreneurial focus in professional development especially for clinicians in Primary Care, Musculo-Skeletal Care and Chronic Disease Management. He most enjoys making good health science available and understandable for everyone (not just other scientists) to help make healthier and happier lives. Currently, John and his colleagues are pioneering the introduction of Shared Medical Appointments in Australia.