Jane Dixon
United States


Associate Professor Jane Dixon is Senior Fellow at the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University. Jane is Visiting Research Fellow, International Institute for Global Health, United Nations University and through 2016 into 2017, she is based at the Centre for Food Policy, City University London as Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professor. Her research takes place at the intersection of cultural sociology and public health, and focuses on transformations within national food systems with special interests in consumer power, food producer livelihoods and food retail. She has advised numerous bodies on adopting a whole-of-food system perspective to advance food security and reduce non-communicable diseases, including the International Union on Health Promotion and Education and WHO Western Pacific Regional Office. Her recent books include When Culture Impacts Health (Elsevier) and Weight of Modernity (Springer). She sits on the editorial boards of Agriculture & Human Values and World Food Policy.