James Galloway

Dr. Galloway is the President and CEO of Admiral Innovations, a health innovation consulting firm, focused on the future of health and healthcare in the US and globally. Following his role as Assistant Surgeon General and HHS Regional Health Administrator for the upper Midwest and over 20% of the US population since 2007, he was the Director of the Office of Health System Collaboration at CDC. Prior to that, Dr. Galloway was assigned to the University of Arizona as an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the College of Medicine as well as an Associate Professor of Public Health in the College of Public Health. Board-certified, he has published well over 180 articles, abstracts, book chapters and one book entitled “Primary Care of Native American Patients: Diagnosis, Therapy and Epidemiology.” In addition to being repeatedly selected by his peers annually for many years as one of the “Best Doctors in America,” Dr. Galloway has received numerous awards, the most recent being the Surgeon General’s Exemplary Performance Award and ‘Public Health Visionary’ from the Respiratory Health Association. He is currently an adjunct Professor at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Cardiology and Preventive Medicine and has attended Harvard in the Executive Leadership Masters Degree Program in Health Care Management Program.