François Mariotti

Prof. François Mariotti, PhD, is Professor of Nutrition within the Human Biology and Nutrition department at AgroParisTech, the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences (Paris, France). He heads a research group named PAAMS (“protein, amino acids and the prevention of the metabolic syndrome”) in a joint AgroParisTech-INRA research unit. He has served as an expert in public nutrition at the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety for long and he has become the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Nutrition in 2012.

Prof. Mariotti’s research has focused on diverse aspects of protein nutrition. He has worked on protein and amino acid metabolism in humans, with a special emphasis on dietary plant vs animal protein, exploring the metabolism and physiological impact of dietary proteins and amino acids, with varied approaches. He has a long standing interest in nutrition in relation to the initiation of metabolic and physiological dysregulations related to cardiometabolic risk. Beyond his expertise in metabolism and nutritional physiopathology, Prof. Mariotti is a public health nutritionist, with a significant research interest and teaching activity in the broader area of nutrient requirements and status, nutrient reference intake, and nutritional adequacy of the diets. He has developed approaches to investigate the nutritional quality of the diets in observational studies and he investigates how it relates to plant and animal protein intakes. As the chairman of the French Standing Committee on Nutrition, he is largely involved in the current revision of the French dietary guidelines.

Prof. Mariotti is the author and editor for a 45-chapter academic book on vegetarian and plant-based diet in health and disease prevention, which will be published by Elsevier and released in mid 2017.