Dan Zeman

Dan Zeman is an Exercise Physiologist with thirty-five year’s experience in the health, fitness and sports medicine arenas. He started his career in the clinical setting with the symptomatic cardiac and diabetic patient. He subsequently expanded his expertise by working with other individual encompassing a wide cross section of ages and fitness levels, as well as, a variety of professional athletes including members of the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and three-time Tour De France winner Greg LeMond. Dan has done research looking into the aerobic capacities of wheelchair athletes, the amputee athlete, AAU girls’ basketball players and the professional mountain biker racer. Dan continues to be recruited by corporations that manufacture metabolic testing equipment, body fat measuring devices and traditional exercise equipment.

He is currently publishing a book to the male baby boomer that he titled “You’re too old to die young.” He added the subtitle “A wakeup call for the longer living male baby boomer on how to age with dignity”. Dan is passionate about improving the quality of life of this longer living generation as he says “the legacy of the male baby boomer will be defined by how they choose to handle the physical, emotional, cognitive and financial burden they leave to the next generation.”