Carolina Rojido
Cardiovascular Health, Oncology / Cancer Management, Plant-Based Diets, Research
Le Castera
-France Métropolitaine-

Dr. Carolina Rojido is a Medical Writer and Scientific Communications Consultant, qualified in Health Administration and skilled at reporting complex scientific information and working with key opinion leaders to write and edit medical and regulatory documents. She is adept at keeping abreast of current literature, emerging sciences, technological developments and medical trends, and exploiting her medical education and high adaptability on therapeutic areas to write and deliver medical documents. This also includes moderating medical meetings and delivering educational seminars online and in-person, including on sustainable nutrition for medical professionals and the general public.

She has worked with physicians, researchers and organizations from numerous medical institutions, and with medical education companies collaborating with KOLs and clients, to create educational content for medical professionals. Furthermore, she consults with medical writing companies and agencies to create and review medical publications and regulatory documents. She has successfully delivered detailed literature reviews, written multiple medical articles and documents, moderated advisory boards and has also received several personal commendations for the quality of work that has been delivered.

Additionally, she is passionate about Sustainable Nutrition, i.e. predominantly plant-based nutrition patterns rather than vegan, and has created and delivered education to encourage dialogue among doctors and scientists about nutrition. She has delivered workshops, seminars and webinars internationally, and has used her avid interest in this topic to write a feature article for European Medical Writers Association journal that was republished by American Medical Writers Association journal, and wrote the chapter “Mediterranean-style, plant-based diet: dealing with common myths and transitioning with complex medical and surgical history” for the book “Laryngopharyngeal and Gastroesophageal Reflux: A Comprehensive Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Diet-Based Approaches.”