Bill Jeffery
La Jolla
United States

Bill Jeffery, BA (Hons.), LLB, is the Executive Director of the Centre for Health Science and Law based in Ottawa, Canada. He was national coordinator of the Centre for Science at the Centre for Science in the Public Interest (Canada) for 19 years and articled at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and three organizations, also based in Ottawa. Bill has advocated public health nutrition law reforms in Canada and internationally by:

  • acting as a technical advisor and advocate on nearly two dozen proposals for national, provincial, local, and international legal standards governing food and nutrition,
  • authoring two dozen major reports and journal articles,
  • organizing more than a dozen (mostly Canadian) coalitions, including the 2,000-group global Conflict of Interest Coalition,
  • participating in the annual negotiations of the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Food Labeling since 1999 (usually hosted in Canada), the World Health Organization in Geneva (2005 and 2015), and the United Nations High Level Meeting on the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases in New York (twice in each of 2011 and 2014),
  • serving on the Canadian Federal Minister of Health’s Trans Fat Task Force (2004-2006) and Sodium Working Group (2008-2010),
  • founding the biennial “Championing Public Health Nutrition” conference in 2008 in Ottawa, which has drawn an average of 200 attendees to hear speeches from dozens of food and health policy experts from Canada, the U.S., and Europe;
  • conducting media interviews leading to nutrition-policy quotes approximately one thousand print and broadcast media stories (mostly in Canada), and
  • speaking at more than 140 conferences and legislative committee hearings in 20 cities on five continents.