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True Health Initiative

Institutional/Organizational Application for Membership
Non-profit Organizations

The True Health Initiative welcomes those organizations that share our core beliefs and principles and are
willing to make a commitment to uphold, abide by, and help advance these principles.

In addition to supporting the Core Principles, below, to be eligible for membership in the True Health
Initiative organizations must:

  • Demonstrate a corporate culture of social responsibility
  • Agree to a review of your governing practices to ensure their alignment with the philosophy of the True Health Initiative
  • Agree to uphold standards described in our Core Principles
  • Be uninvolved in the production or distribution of goods or services that are likely to be considered by reasonable experts to be at odds with health promotion/disease prevention
  • Agree to help promote the True Health Initiative according to established brand guidelines (use of logo, promotional material, etc.)
  • Complete the application below and submit for approval to

Applications will be reviewed by our Membership Committee, comprised of True Health Initiative staff and
select members of our Council of Directors. Applicants will be notified of their application status within 60
days of application submission.

As an institutional/organizational member, your organization will:

  • Be listed on the True Health Initiative website and be permitted to use True Health Initiative membership designation and logo on your organization’s materials
  • Have the opportunity to help shape our agenda, be involved in True Health campaign activities and initiatives, and various committees, as desired
  • Have access to True Health Initiative resources and information


Pledge of Support for Core Principles

of health promotion and disease prevention in modern society:

  • We have reliable knowledge of lifestyle practices, including dietary pattern, associated with the
    potential to reduce both the public burden of, and personal risk for, chronic disease and premature
    death by as much as 80%;
    • The healthiest, longest-lived populations around the world (e.g., The Blue Zones) do not fixate
      on any particular theory, fad, book, food, nutrient, or ingredient, but rather practice the
      fundamentals of a health-promoting lifestyle, promulgated by their cultural norms;
      These practices include: A diet comprised mostly of minimally processed, generally plantpredominant
      foods in time-honored, balanced combinations (e.g., traditional diets of certain
      Mediterranean populations, certain Asian populations, etc.); Routine physical activity at
      moderate intensity, frequency, and duration; The avoidance of toxins, particularly tobacco
      and excess alcohol; Sleep adequate in both quantity and quality; The effective mitigation of
      psychological stress; The cultivation of meaningful, supportive relationships and strong social
      • The above practices offer enormous potential benefits to the health of people and planet
        alike when contrasted to lifestyle and dietary practices that now prevail in modern and
        modernizing countries;
      • The health benefits of this lifestyle and dietary pattern are clearly and consistently
        supported by an exceptionally strong body of evidence, and represent a global consensus
        among experts;
  • Public health objectives could be greatly advanced by using knowledge we already have about
    lifestyle practices;
    • The failure to use what we know about lifestyle practices and health is unnecessarily taking
      years from lives and life from years around the globe;
  • Scientists and health professionals could constructively pursue knowledge we lack and debate one
    another about best approaches to diet and lifestyle without obscuring the core principles of healthy
    living that are already well established, evidence-based, a product of global consensus, and
    immediately actionable;
  • All reasonable, evidence-supported variations on the theme of dietary pattern for optimal health
    are more like one another than any is like the ‘typical American diet’;
  • The public is substantially mislead by prevailing practices in media, publishing, and industry into
    thinking that consensus about fundamental lifestyle practices reliably associated with disease
    prevention/health promotion is lacking, and this needs to be fixed;
    • The public needs and deserves to know about the overwhelming global consensus regarding
      the core elements of healthy living, described above
  • The pursuit of public health knowledge we do not yet reliably have should not occur at the expense
    of applying the knowledge we do.


Do You Agree?

If so, and want your organization to join the movement toward True Health,
complete the application for membership below.

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